For Developers

Learn more about the powerful development features of STDM.

Open Source Geospatial

STDM is built upon a platform of proven open source components including PostgreSQL, PostGIS and QGIS. QGIS implements the GDAL/OGR geospatial library which means that over 75 vector formats can be imported into or exported from the STDM database.

Features include:
  • PostGIS Spatial Databases
  • OGR Vector Data Formats
  • Geospatial Python libraries


Data access services in STDM are built upon the ever solid SQLAlchemy library. Developers can leverage function-based query execution; map arbitrary Python classes into a database table or view; leverage self-referential object mappings or even apply raw SQL statement mapping.

Features include:
  • Support for spatial databases using the GeoAlchemy 2 extension library for SQLAlchemy
  • Modular and extensible Python classes for object mapping
  • Support for user-defined types to complement the generic types as well as SQL-specific types

ORM-GUI Binding

STDM incorporates a framework for rapid GUI development from Python classes. The framework enables developers to easily map the columns of an SQLAlchemy object to the corresponding PyQt GUI controls in a data management form

Features include:
  • An entity browser window that can be easily configured to manage records of an SQLAlchemy object
  • A configurable foreign key mapper control for defining foreign key objects that are linked to the primary SQLAlchemy object
  • Inclusion of QtAlchemy Python library for custom database form building


STDM supports multiple points for application integration and customization. Developers can use the extensive provider base classes to extend and integrate custom logic across the application.

Features include:
  • Extension points for document template design, which is built upon QGIS map composer framework.
  • Data access API
  • Value handler API for PyQt as well as custom GUI controls

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