Migration from Previous Version

Migration from the previous versions of STDM is seamless. The migration will not affect your data. The migration process is handled by the Upgrade Module of STDM. The module executes automatically when you login to STDM 1.7 for the first time after upgrading from STDM version 1.0 and above. You can also run it manually to upgrade upto STDM 1.4 configuration by clicking on the Upgrade button in the options Menu. Then, the configuration will be updated automatically to STDM 1.7 configuration.

When upgrading from STDM 1.0/ 1.1 to STDM 1.7 configuration, the following will take place:

  1. A new configuration.stc will be created based on stdmConfig.xml inside the .stdm folder under the user directory.
  2. Your existing configuration file, stdmConfig.xml will not be removed.
  3. A new profile will be created based on the old configuration profile name.
  4. New tables will be created based on the old table names with a prefix of the first two words of the profile name.
  5. The existing tables and data will not be deleted.
  6. All the new tables will be populated with data that was stored in the old tables to allow you access your data in the new version.
  7. Update your templates by replacing the old tables, views, and directories with the new tables, new views, and directories.
    • Custom views will be re-created with the same name with ‘new_’ prefix.
    • Always use views with new prefix for custom views.
    • The default social_tenure_relations view will be [entity_table_name]_vw_social_tenure_relationship view. There will be a separate view for Parties, and Spatial Unit Entities.
    • The views will not be deleted but you should not use them to create new templates as they will not be updated henceforth. Use the new views.
  8. If you upgrade manually while having a newly created configuration through the configuration wizard or the default configuration template, it will be re-named with a format configuration_year_month_date_hour_minute.stc format. E.g. configuration_2016_08_24_02_03.stc. The extension stc might not be visible based on your Operating System file extension display setting.

When upgrading from STDM 1.4 to STDM 1.7, the following will take place.

  1. New Social Tenure Relationship Entity columns will be added, namely tenure share, validity start, validity end.
  2. The existing party_id column in the Social Tenure Relationship Entity will be replaced by the name of the entity followed by ‘_id’.

When upgrading from STDM 1.5 to STDM 1.7, there will be no change in both the database and configuration.