STDM application in Gobabis municipality, Namibia.

Check out the latest video on STDM application in Gobabis municipality, an informal settlement in Namibia.

In 2015, STDM was introduced to National Housing Action Group (NHAG), affiliated to Slum Dwellers International (SDI), working with local communities in Freedom Square, an informal settlement located in eastern Namibia. The local community in Freedom Square has been residing in this settlement for more than 15 years without security of tenure. This project therefore aimed at registering their land rights using the STDM as a trial to upscaling the Flexible Land Tenure System (FLTS).  According to NHAG, the outcome of this engagement has been very positive. Freedom Square now boasts of water services/points installed with the financial support from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development. As a pilot, Freedom Square has laid groundwork for the upgrading of other settlements and has also shown how a community-driven upgrading process can indeed lead to successful improvements in a poor community. Additionally, the relationship between the Gobabis Municipality and local residents has improved through meaningful dialogue between the two aimed at improving the living conditions in the settlement.

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Hellen Nyamweru
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