STDM improving tenure security for the poor and marginalized

I am now at peace for the first time in 25 years, I am assured that evictions will no longer take place in my area, I am very happy!”. These are the words of Everlyne Kinanu, a community member from Kwa Bulo settlement Mombasa who received a certificate of land occupancy on the 19th of July. 2017.

In order to strengthen the tenure security of the urban and rural poor, land registration is important. This is what STDM enables, by supporting registration of all forms of land rights and claims (formal, intermediate and informal).

In Zambia, communities from Bulemu Village, Chisamba District, Chamuka Chiefdom, expressed similar sentiments on receiving towards improved security of tenure on customary lands.

A total of forty (40) certificates were issued in Zambia and over 1000 certificates are to be issued in Kwa Bulo settlement.

The extent to which this security exists will continue depending on the political will and commitment of governments’ which also generally combines protective administrative or legal measures against evictions with the provision of basic services such as water, sanitation, access roads among other services.

Pictures show the happy faces of community members in Zambia and Kenya. For more and detailed information on these efforts, please visit the GLTN website at

Hellen Nyamweru
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