STDM version 1.8 now released

GLTN is excited to announce the release of STDM version 1.8

This release is full of bug fixes, performance and feature enhancements to simplify data collection and management workflows. It also incorporates the latest updates in the underlying tools i.e. QGIS 3, PostgreSQL 15 and PostGIS 3.2
STDM 1.8 now supports QGIS 3 and above and this enables STDM to leverage on the enhanced GIS capabilities supported in QGIS 3 hence providing a robust platform to manage your spatial data.

The new update has an improved user interface with a revamped design of the entity data browser to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. For example, STDM will now allow a user to navigate and view records with tenure relationships defined directly from the entity browser.

It also has new enhancements on data import module whereby the stability for the data import process is now improved and now guarantees data consistency during the operation thus making it easy to recover from a failed import operation.

There is overall improved performance having optimized the software to run faster and smoother than ever before especially for long running tasks.

Starting with this version and going forward, STDM will only support Python 3 and above. Developers who are willing to contribute to STDM can now use the latest libraries and language features found in Python 3.

For existing installations of STDM 1.7, migrating to STDM 1.8 will be seamless, meaning any work done (profile configurations and document templates) will be converted to the new platform automatically.

Developers are invited to upgrade today and take advantage of all these exciting new features and improvements.

John Gitau
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